We can unknowingly suffer with inflammatory conditions for years.

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My experience with inflammation started from birth.  The signs were all there if you knew what to look for.  Projectile vomiting, crying bouts and sleeplessness.  My poor parents thought I “grew out of ” these complaints but they just reappeared as skin rashes, croup and migraines as the underlying cause remained.  Antihistamines seemed to help temporarily but never resolved the symptoms.  As a teenager I had asthma and acne.  My mood swings were blamed on hormones, and I experienced sudden tiredness after eating and had a tendency to feel addicted to certain foods.  Food allergies were the culprit.  

The usual definition of an allergy is when your immune system reacts to a foreign substance or a food that doesn’t cause a reaction in most people.  Whether you are experiencing congestion in your nose and sinuses or itching, watering eyes, pain and bloating in the gut or rashes on your skin, the signs of inflammation are present.  I had an inflamed gut and brain which left me feeling exhausted and foggy headed.

 In my thirties I stopped eating bread and wheat-based foods to lose weight and was amazed when many of my health complaints disappeared.  I became interested in understanding which foods were causing inflammation for me.  

This year I started to notice the onset of hot flushes, sleeping problems and aching joints.  I am in my early fifties.  It was bad enough missing out on sleep but really upsetting that I could no longer go for a run or even walk up the stairs without pain.  When I am working with animals, I tend to sit on the floor with them.  My sore knees made it impossible to stay seated for long and if that wasn’t bad enough, sometimes it was difficult to get up.  Weight gain was to follow as I could no longer exercise.  

Of course, I blamed Peri- menopause which seemed the obvious cause. But what if my problems were caused by something else?  Eventually I realised that inflammation was present in all my symptoms and that after auditing the inflammatory foods and drinks that had crept back into my life, it was time to begin my own program of healing with my Microcurrent tools.  Five years ago, I became aware of the benefits of Microcurrent Technology, and it is a vital addition to my anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle knowledge.  I am now totally pain free and able to exercise and sleep without annoying hot flushes and have a happier, more energised life as a result.

How does Microcurrent Technology work?  

Remember how the body will send electrons to heal the body?  Sometimes it does not have the resources and inflammation goes unchecked.  My Microcurrent device delivers free electrons to the body to neutralize inflammatory free radicals which turns the inflammation off, allowing the body to heal naturally.  This offers new possibilities for everyone suffering from inflammatory based diseases.

I am a Microcurrent Practitioner and provide help for people and animals no matter their age or stage in life.  I also sell devices for home use and provide training and information.  Please reach out and contact me if you would like information on how I may be of assistance to you.