We know how fantastic we feel after being outside in nature and we know that the earth gives off a health supporting frequencies.  The earths ionosphere receives these frequencies from the continual lightning flashes activating radio frequencies all around the world.

The 7.83 Hz frequency accompanied with progressively weaker harmonics are the earths heart beat and also the Alpha brainwave frequency.  Alpha brainwave promotes feelings of relaxation and creativity.  We don’t all have time or the ability to experience the earthing grounding experience so I have included it in the Relaxation treatment offered in clinic which is delivered by sticky pad electrodes attached to the hands and feet via the microcurrent device.  This treatment is relaxing and non-invasive.

Another popular relaxation aid is the use of relaxing brain wave frequencies delivered by ear clips via the microcurrent device.  Within minutes you will feel the difference and the benefits last for sometime after your treatment.  This is because your brain adapts to the improved frequencies and continues to generate them long after you have left our clinic.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is employed also as the electro-acupuncture of certain meridian points seems to help to reduce symptoms of anxiety with this non-invasive and relaxing experience.  To follow is a full Chakra clearance on the Solar Plexus Chakra which targets fears and insecurities and then a balancing of all Chakras via the microcurrent device.