What is a Cellular Makeover


Would you like a treatment that can detoxify you, harmonise your meridian energy pathways and improve the function of the organs and systems in your body? All this in one hour.   Oh, and did I mention it is a beauty treatment?

Almost by accident, and very much as a secondary benefit,  it was discovered that the frequencies generated by my Avazzia microcurrent device are not only life changing when it comes to treating acute and chronic pain, they can also improve the health and appearance of your face and body.

I remember the first time I did a professional cellular makeover treatment for one of my clients.  I had just attended a Beginners Microcurrent Training day in Canada and during the day they had set aside one hour to show us how to do this treatment.  I remember Dr Lorry van Bergen Haché giving us a few simple guidelines to follow but emphasising that we would all find our own way that worked best for us and our clients.

Well, it was time to put that theory to the test.  I usually treat people for toxic strains and pain in my clinic, so the thought of performing my first beauty treatment was daunting.  Everything went  smoothly and I worked on my clients face with the non-invasive gentle frequencies via my hand-held beauty tools whilst the sticky pads I had put on her tummy for some simultaneous muscle toning did their job.  Halfway through the treatment, I changed the sticky pad placement on her tummy and swapped smoothing face and neck wrinkles to toning the muscles.

I noticed as I worked that the circulation of the face improved and that the beauty tools were smoothing and gliding over her skin.  My client ran her hands over her face at the conclusion of the treatment and commented that her skin felt very smooth.  I removed the sticky pads from her tummy and she left straight afterwards as there is no down time with these facials, you just look fantastic with no redness.

I was tidying up my beauty room when 10 minutes later my client was on the phone.  She had pulled her car over on the side of the road as she needed to speak urgently with me.  I was worried, had something gone wrong, what could have happened.  I took a deep breath and asked how she was.  The first thing she said was “That’s not my neck!”  After I calmed my racing heart I asked if she could give me details, already mentally preparing to get her back in and fix whatever had happened.  Imagine my relief when she said, “My neck looks fabulous, it is toned and there are no wrinkles and my jowls have gone.  I caught sight of my neck in the rear vision mirror and had to pull the car over as I could not believe what I was seeing.” This lady went on to buy an Ezzi Lift microcurrent beauty device from me and was able to do her own makeovers from home.

The Ezzi Lift Microcurrent device is a great tool for Face and Eye smoothing and for sculpting the muscles of the face and neck.  It was such an aha moment for me when my friend and mentor Dr John Haché, the world Bioelectric Feedback specialist, explained to me that it is not the lines and wrinkles on our faces that make us look old, it is the flattened appearance caused by drooping muscles.  He went on to explain that microcurrent therapy could restore the curvatures and convexities of a youthful face.

This got me thinking about Botox and its job of blocking nerves to stop or limit the movement of the muscles underneath your skin.  In other words, inhibiting the muscle contractions and decreasing facial movement.  We all know what happens when we don’t do any exercise and I know that as we age, muscle toning and resistance workouts with weights and bands will keep us strong and looking good.  So why would we want to disable muscle movement and risk losing our tone.  It makes sense to me that using microcurrent to work the facial muscles will give a rounded appearance and provide a good structure for our skin.

In my clinic, I use an Ezzi Lift Spa machine that does the facial work like the Ezzi Lift home device, and also has the ability to tone the body.  The machine delivers toning for the tummy, back, thigh shaping, saddlebags treatment, breast lift and arm toning.  The first time I tested out the body sculpting on myself, I went for the derriere lift.  I spent thirty minutes on one side, so that I could gauge the results.  I did not expect the result I got.  I was equally excited and devastated that there was an obvious difference in the lift and tone of the treated side.  I was happy the microcurrent worked so well but also shocked that gravity had had such an impact.  I have been using my Spa console for years now and can honestly say that the results are cumulative for me and my clients.

One of the many benefits of the microcurrent device that I use is the ability to put free electrons back into the body.  We receive electrons from our ionosphere and we notice how energised and well we feel when we walk on grass or swim in the ocean.  That is because our earth is an electron donor too.  We lose electrons from the molecules that make up our cells when free radicals steal them.  This leads to inflammation and degeneration in our bodies.  It is a relief to know that we can reverse this oxidative stress damage during a Cellular Makeover, instead of just having a superficial treatment.

This takes me back to the first paragraph in this blog where I mentioned the ability to harmonise your meridian energy pathways.  When we are working on the face with microcurrent therapy in this way, we are non-invasively stimulating acupuncture points that are connected to all of the meridians, organs and systems in the body.  We are not overworking any of them as we access all of them in the course of the treatment.  This has the benefit of harmonising the energy and also provides a mildly detoxifying effect.  It can be a good idea to have a quiet day planned after your first Cellular Makeover as feeling tired is a possible effect.  This does not happen in subsequent treatments and your energy improves.

I offer cellular Makeovers in our clinic in Toowong.  These treatments can be taken over one to two hours initially. This includes body sculpting.  I find that three treatments in the first week can provide amazing results. Even coming weekly for six visits pays dividends. Eventually people may come in fortnightly or once a month for maintenance.

I also sell the Ezzi Lift devices for home use and provide personal training. I teach a Cellular Makeover one day course every six weeks for beauticians and home users. During the day we have a morning of theory where we learn the basics of microcurrent therapy, learn about the muscles of the face and an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine to give insight into the benefits of stimulating the acupuncture points on the face with microcurrent. The afternoon is practical and everyone has the chance to do their own makeover and practice on others if they wish.

I hope this blog has given you a useful insight into the amazing benefits of a microcurrent Cellular Makeover and I hope to see you in our clinic soon.