Natural Systems Alignment

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Your body has physical and energetic systems that work constantly to keep you well.  These systems usually do such a good job that you do not notice them working.  You do notice when they are not working, and by the time symptoms appear, you have actually been out of alignment for some time. 

Your body has innate healing powers and given the chance it will heal itself. When this does not occur, it is my job to figure out how and why this happened and to correct it, naturally! 

How is this done?  I use body friendly therapies to remove the blocks and then stand aside and let nature do the healing. 

Natural Systems Alignment is a two -hour treatment option for anyone booking in for the first time to my clinic who would like resolution of a number of health challenges.  This treatment option allows me the opportunity to investigate your Health History and to design and implement a treatment plan for you during your first visit.  I perform all my own non-invasive testing and my treatments are designed to work at cellular level, so there is no need for you purchase and take supplements. 

I measure and record all my findings so that when you attend a follow up visit for one hour, you will be able to track your progress.  I usually recommend a total of three to six visits depending on your individual health challenges.

Natural Systems Alignment is able to be offered to meet each individual’s unique situation as it is a culmination of my three and a half decades practicing and studying both Western and Eastern philosophies to healing. To me the Eastern energetic and Western physical approaches to medicine are mutually beneficial rather than exclusive.