Life Insights


Isn’t it true that in all of the adverse experiences that we have in life, we always go with us and we are always the common denominator?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn through joy rather than through painful experiences?  Wouldn’t it be a relief to discover the truth about the difficulties we have been having in life?  Even better to understand that we do not have to try to fix others and that we can experience major positive shifts in our lives by working on our own healing.  What about the subtle energies that surround us and others, originally described by hippies as “vibes.”  How exciting to learn how to elevate our own energy vibes and reach our highest potential

The Life Insights Course is full of tools and techniques to discover the energetic emotional level we normally operate at in life.  This directly determines the personal energy we emit and our energetic effect on others.  This in turn delivers to us the life experiences that we are living and the way other people treat us.  In all of our encounters with other people we are teaching them how to treat us.

Many courses teach good communication skills and this one is no exception, but how many teach us how to deal with toxic communication?  A toxic communication is one where the sender’s intent is to denigrate, hurt or damage the recipient.  Most people have difficulty handling toxic communication and they let people perpetrate bullying and abusive behaviour on them.  We teach you the techniques and provide a safe space to practice assertive communication skills that can help you to minimise conflict, to control anger, to have your needs better met, and to have more positive relationships with friends, family and others.

Complete our Life Plan tool which is designed to give unique insights into your life and your progress through it.  Much of what it can reveal could not be seen any other way than the visual presentation this process gives.  Many a big concept is made up of small details.  If you want to change your life and succeed with issues where you have been failing, then you need to start paying attention to the details.  Become acquainted with a unique and powerful thinking tool that allows you to audit the twelve zones of responsibility in your life and bring it back into alignment.

Learn to utilise powerful quantum healing techniques and heal your subconscious mind.  Start to develop skills in living your best life by operating from your superconscious mind and open up to unlimited possibilities.

This training course goes for two days and commences at 9am.  Morning tea is provided and there are nearby cafés for lunch, or you can bring your own lunch to have at our premises.  We usually finish around 5pm.  The address is Training Professionals, Level 4, 54 Jephson St Toowong.  We will email you a form to register online when you contact us to show interest in attending.