There is Order in the Chaos


I have spent the last two weeks having time with myself, in a city that has the same population as Australia. I symbolically and literally flew through a portal to New Delhi.
Mother India had already been working her magic on me in the fortnight before I arrived, creating a vibrational frequency alignment with a future version of me. This manifested in the form of vivid dreams, coincidences and deja vu. I was going to sleep hours earlier than usual and waking in the small hours which, unbeknown to me, was India time! Their clock is four hours behind my home in Brisbane, Australia.
All of this came about when I was invited to stay with an Australian friend who had been posted here for several months. I was surprised and amazed as this opportunity was completely unexpected and I thought about it for a few days. Lots of excuses and old fears came up for me and I realised that I was very stuck in old patterns and that they needed to be shifted, now! This is ironic as I pride myself on helping my clients shift old limiting beliefs and patterns that may be emotional, compulsive or irrational. It was time to be my own healer and wise counsel. I said yes to India!
It was time to transition from my old existence and lean into my edge. I did not have to lean too far. Diplomats work incredibly hard and have domestic help so they can focus on representing the people from their country. During my stay I have not been required to make a cup of tea, or even my bed. I have had every meal prepared, all my washing done and someone to drive me around. Wonderful as this was, I realised I have been hiding in the distraction of old habits that include overworking, being a perfectionist with housework, failing to streamline or automate many areas of my life and taking on everyone else’s jobs, whether they wanted me to or not.
Life had already delivered this message to me almost a year previously. I developed a pain in the heel of my right foot which I ignored. The next day I got out of bed and could not walk. Eight months later and countless treatments with microcurrent therapy, resting, stopping all exercise and only wearing sandshoes or going bare foot had lessened the pain to a level that I thought I could live with.
One day I was at work helping a client identify emotional blocks that could be contributing to her back pain when it occurred to me that I should research the metaphysical reason behind Plantar Fasciitis. The answer was plain and clear. “Are you the shock absorber for your family and friends? If so, it’s possible you could develop plantar fasciitis.” This information came via Maureen Minnehan Jones, author of Wisdom to Wellness.
She went on to say that the plantar fascia ligament is a fibrous tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes while supporting the arch of the foot. It serves as the “shock absorber” for our feet by holding structures together and keeping them strong. If you strain your plantar fascia, the ligament gets weak, swollen, irritated, inflamed and causes your heel or the bottom of your foot to hurt when you stand or walk.
Maureen further explained that Individuals with plantar fasciitis tend to feel responsible for holding everything together; they take on the job of keeping family, friends and others around them stable. Our bodies respond to the way we think, feel and act.
I knew I had to identify the earliest time I could remember this pattern embedding itself in me and heal the emotions attached to it by meeting them and acknowledging their message to release them. Ironically this is a healing modality that I use in my clinic called Subconscious Mind Healing. I have released countless blocks for myself but this was a timely reminder that life constantly alerts us to opportunities to heal old wounds and programs.
All of this transpired just before I was to leave for India. During my stay I have had a day here and there where I have been able to just be on my own and I have grabbed the opportunity to forensically look at my outdated beliefs and patterns that have held me in their grip for fifty- five years. I have been unable to escape into my old distractions and have not found any excuses to delay healing my old hardwired ways of coping with life which no longer serve me. My foot pain has completely healed and I will ensure it never needs to come back to remind me to support myself and put time and energy into what is important to me. Look a little deeper into things that may not really present as they truly are. I have found that to be the case with New Delhi too
Initially this city seemed intimidating, dirty, polluted and shocking to me. After a few days I realised that there is an order to the chaos. The street dogs are fed and cared for and sleep on mats and cardboard cartons, some even have coats. The children begging in the street do not look malnourished and they do have access to free schooling but don’t choose to go. The traffic is crazy on first look with people driving down the centre lane, towards you the wrong way and there are carts, cows, tuk tuk’s and bikes all competing for road space, but they move as a collective safely together. The initially disturbing cacophony of blasting horns are actually friendly messages saying “I am behind you or beside you”.
I hope this blog post gives you insight into the way our bodies alert us physically that something is out of alignment and needs our attention and gives you a different perspective on the options for healing available to us all if we just say yes! You may feel that life is punishing you or that things are tough but inside the chaos is an opportunity to restore order.

[Photo credit: Yale University Art Gallery]