Subconscious Mind Healing

We are constantly stressed by many unresolvable worries about our lives, our jobs and threats to our global community.  We may not be in immediate danger, but the resultant chronically elevated stress hormone levels and hyper-vigilant lifestyle is robbing us of our health and energy. 

When under stress we have less connection to the wise parts of our brains that help us with judgement and decision making, the very times when we most need to be on point! 

We may be continually triggered by old traumas which keep us living in the past.  This means we are not being fully present in the now.  That stuck feeling can be a result of self-limiting beliefs and re-runs of old survival scripts.  We go from living in a state of growth to living in a state of protection.

We chastise ourselves for not being able to think our way out of repeat negative patterns that seem to be re- running constantly.  These patterns can be irrational, emotional, and compulsive and yet we can’t seem to stop them.  The ensuing spiralling thoughts, shallow breathing and muscles contracted by stress send a message to our brains that we are under threat.  This sets us up for a cycle of “rinse and repeat”.

Letting go of our fears is the first step toward creating a fuller, more satisfying life. 

The Greek teacher and philosopher Socrates knew that if people were guided to access their own inner knowingness through questions, instead of being instructed and lectured, great miracles could be accomplished in helping them to change their lives in important ways. 

We also know that we need to be in contact with our feelings and emotions as part of our healing journey.   So, talking through our problems makes us feel better for a time, but it is only a band aid.  We may feel fine for a while until a trigger hits and old traumas re-emerge.

Our conscious mind may not have access to all of the information needed to assist us when we attempt to logically solve our stressors.  Think of the conscious mind as a computer with all of the information on the monitor display.  Unbeknown to us, there can be a few programs running in the background that we don’t see.  These represent our subconscious mind states. 

These unseen programs are powerful, and they are running our lives.  A lot of these stressors are caused by decisions that we have made a long time ago and do not remember.  Indeed, many of these decisions were made as children when we used them to make sense of our world.  These decisions may no longer serve us as we are now the adults in charge of our lives.  Not only are they keeping us stuck, but they also cause frustration as we don’t remember where those decisions came from.

The difference between thinking and feeling an emotion needs to be acknowledged.  We don’t think stressed; we feel stressed.  If we are to heal, we need to access those hidden traumas and heal them.  This is where Subconscious mind healing is unique.

I believe that Subconscious mind healing work is a great responsibility on the part of the practitioner as we require knowledge and skill to perform precision communication as it relates to the special circumstances in this work.

Clients come to look into an area that is directed by the practitioner and relate back to the practitioner what he or she observes in that area.  The client will sometimes experience difficulties in perceiving clearly what is asked for.  Occasionally, the content will be of an unpleasant nature, requiring a certain determination, as well as the help and guidance of the practitioner to carry on.

Because the client often requires virtually all of their available attention to do what is being requested, it is necessary for the practitioner to be available at all times to orient the client in the session.  He or she must also create a safe environment for the client to view what they may rarely – if ever- view in their normal awareness.

We utterly avoid evaluating for the client during the process.  That means that we do not ever tell them what to think about their personal issues in the session.  The best way to elicit a person’s inner truth with a minimum of interference is by asking questions.

We start by using a specially designed questionnaire about your life, which usually takes about two hours.  This questionnaire forms the basis of the direction that future sessions will take. We normally like to keep future sessions to one hour.


You cannot do this work if you are under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering drugs. 

If you are on prescription drugs of a mind-altering nature (such as anti-depressants), this process is not suitable for you.

You will need to come to your session watered, fed and rested.