Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

PEMF is a gentle yet powerful healing technology that assists the body’s innate healing ability to fuse broken bones, heal wounds, address pain and tissue swelling and treat depression. 

I like to use my PEMF devices for treating children and animals. The gentle waves are practically undetectable.  The PEMF does not have to touch the body so I can slip the PEMF mat under a dog or cat’s bed and treat through wound dressings by resting the affected part of the body on the mat. 

Therapeutic grade PEMF are designed to positively support cellular energy.  As the PEMF passes through your body, neurostimulation activates nearly every electrical and chemical process in your tissues. 

The result?  Better cellular health, improved cellular function and profound healing. 

Don’t confuse body-friendly PEMF’s with dangerous EMF’s or electromagnetic fields.  The Via Qi generates far longer wavelengths with lower frequencies that are designed to support and work in harmony with your body’s natural energy fields.

Sakura having a Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency treatment with the Microcurrent Device and the PEMF mat for sore hips