Natural Systems Alignment

Jane puts the whole back into holistic.

We understand that you may have unwanted physical or emotional experiences that are causing life to be uncomfortable and preventing you from living your best life. Up to now the source of these conditions may have been hidden and unexplained.

I am here to listen to your health history to formulate and carry out a plan to assist your body to use its inbuilt natural healing abilities. It can be a pleasant surprise to discover how easy it can be to get well. Natural Systems Alignment is suitable for adults, sensitive patients, children, babies and animals.

Unseen programs are powerful, and they are running our lives.  A lot of these stressors are caused by decisions that we have made a long time ago and do not remember.  Indeed, many of these decisions were made as children when we used them to make sense of our world.  These decisions may no longer serve us as we are now the adults in charge of our lives.  Not only are they keeping us stuck, but they also cause frustration as we don’t remember where those decisions came from.

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My affinity with microcurrent therapy was sparked by my early career as a nurse specialising in orthopaedics.  Today I help people and animals with pain and mobility issues using microcurrent therapy.

This body friendly therapy controls inflammation and addresses pain by gently delivering electrical impulses at extremely low frequencies, similar to those found naturally in humans and animals. 

Intracellular communication is gently corrected to promote regeneration and long-term pain resolution.

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I am a Bioresonance Practitioner, Subconscious and Superconscious Mind Practitioner and a Microcurrent Therapy Practitioner. I work with both Western physical and Eastern energetic methods and technologies that deliver longlasting results. Natural Systems Alignment was inspired by my wish to provide people and animals with natural strategies to balance their energetic, physical, psychological and spiritual systems. Since 2010, I have provided individualised tune ups for people and animals. During my thirteen years as a Registered Nurse, I researched the latest advances in natural sciences and energy medicine, while working in my specialty of Orthopaedics.

Another two decades of research and refining my skills has culminated in the unique and complementary healing modalities I offer today that work well on their own and even better together.  I call this experience Natural Systems Alignment.

My Expertise

Acute & Chronic Inflammation Resolution
Animal & Bird Wellbeing
Pain Resolution
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
Scalar Wave Regenerative Healing


The content provided on my website is for general information purposes only, and does not substitute for professional or medical advice. Please consult a licensed medical professional if you are seeking medical advice, diagnoses or treatment.  I am neither a Medical Doctor or qualified Psychologist and offer my insights and advice for guidance only.   I am a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, trained in the specialties of Bioresonance Practitioner, Microcurrent Practitioner and Sub Conscious Mind journeying to help people remove personal obstacles to happiness, health and success. I was trained as a Registered Nurse and draw on my years of experience but no longer work in that area.  I use non-invasive holistic practices to create a healthy environment for the mind, body and spirit.

I will not be held responsible if the balancing of your body’s natural systems – physical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional –  results in the resolution of various healthcare problems. I accept no responsibility for you experiencing more energy, improved sleep, less pain, better relationships, less stress and forget about the uncomfortable issues that you came to me with because they have become a distant memory.

Client Experiences

Bebiella Nielsen

Jane has amazed me with her many hats. My whole body has had a workover and I feel that from now, at 69 yrs  and on, I will live a comfortable and pain free life.  Thank you Jane, for learning all these techniques to help people like me .


Without Microcurrent I doubt my body would have held together. With Jane’s help I was able to build a strong and caring relationship with my self. As a result of Microcurrent, improved diet and exercise I feel better than I can ever remember.


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