Acute & Chronic Inflammation Resolution

In my practice, I use a microcurrent device (Avazzia Pro Sport III) that detects and addresses inflammation.  This includes areas of inflammation that have been around for days, weeks, months and even years.

How do you know if you are suffering from inflammation?

The signs are unresolved: heat, swelling, redness, pain and loss of movement in the affected area.  Where there is limited access to the area concerned due to pain or the presence of plaster casts or wound dressings, the Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency device is used for a non-contact treatment that works deeply.  Once resolved, we can move on to more regenerative treatments.

Vagus Nerve stimulation is a relaxing non-invasive treatment that is essential for addressing inflammation in the body.  It has been discovered that the hallmarks of inflammation mentioned above, originate in a part of the brain that is under the control of the vagus nerve.  A gentle Alpha frequency is used whilst clients are relaxing and it is usual for people to feel an improved sense of wellbeing and mood.