Microcurrent Therapy

Most people book in for microcurrent therapy because they have pain and inflammation. I have been helping people for six years with back pain, muscle joint and ligament pain, and dental distress. Old injuries and long -term pains respond to microcurrent therapy well too.

Scars both old and new and wounds also show improvement with microcurrent. I can personally comment on the efficacy of microcurrent in assisting the body to heal burns and stings.

If we are dealing with areas that are too painful to apply microcurrent electrodes directly or wound dressings or plaster casts are present, we can use a non-touch technique with the Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency device connected to the microcurrent device.

The use of microcurrent stimulation to treat injuries affects the tissues at the cellular level. It improves metabolism and often quite a dramatic decrease in the amount of inflammation is experienced following treatments. Treatments must often be done daily for the best effect in the first few days following the injury. Otherwise twice weekly or weekly sessions are done until we resolve the issues.

Microcurrent therapy also brings general benefits to recipients in the forms of an improved sense of wellbeing, better sleep, reduced use of pain medications and an improvement and strengthening of the immune system. Animals respond well to this therapy too and I love to see the dogs, cats and birds relaxing calmly during their treatments.