About Me


Becoming a Bioresonance Practitioner was an unexpected career change for me.  I came across this modality in 2008 when I was experiencing tiredness bouts with other symptoms that came and went without warning.

A regular overwhelming urge to sleep mid-morning mystified me.   I had to set an alarm to wake up in time for school pickup!   I dreaded waking up feeling foggy headed and confused.  I decided to get checked out with blood tests and scans and get to the bottom of my fatigue.  Everything came back normal.

A health food shop owner suggested I contact a Bioresonance Practitioner.   As a Registered Nurse used to the chemical or surgical models of healing, this provided me with an opportunity to try something new.  


During my first visit, some non-invasive testing was performed, the results of which were able to be applied straight away.  It was surprising to find out what had been impeding my immune system and causing overload.  I agreed to come back for an hour each week for another five weeks.

Within three weeks I felt eighty percent well and within six weeks I had energy and was able to get back to doing things I enjoyed rather than having to conserve my energy to just get through the day.  As so often happens, I wanted to know everything about this modality and how to help others with what I had learnt.

After I qualified as a practitioner, I taught for three years to further hone my skills.  I never considered studying animal health until a friend who ran Puppy Preschool asked me to treat his German Shepherds and started to recommend me to other people with dogs.   Soon I became a known  practitioner for dogs and cats as well as people.  I have been using this modality for eleven years now and my fatigue never returned.

In 2013 I was introduced to Sub Conscious Mind healing and learned that many physical problems had their origins in the mind.  I liked the idea that we could energetically shift our old, self- limiting beliefs to beliefs and attitudes that promoted happier, healthier lives.  I wanted to help people so that they stopped re-creating old trauma and getting stuck in emotional, irrational and compulsive patterning.   I was also studying Kinesiology, which provided an efficient way of accessing information using muscle monitoring to reveal the source of disharmony in the mind and body.  Corrections and balances could be performed within the framework of these principles. I started to combine both these modalities with good effect.

The creation of a two -day course that I teach with Roger Harcourt called Life Insights resulted from this work.  The course helps people overcome life challenges and also is the pre-requisite for students wishing to learn Sub Conscious Mind healing to add to their tools as a practitioner.

The third modality I use is Microcurrent Therapy.  In 2016 I met Dr’s John and Lorry Hache, the world’s leading experts in pain resolution utilising microcurrent therapy.   The seemingly magical effect these small hand- held microcurrent devices had on people who had been suffering long term healing challenges was nothing short of amazing.  I knew then that this was the final modality I needed to enable me to tackle acute and chronic pain and best of all, I was able to apply my years of knowledge and experience working as a Registered Nurse in the specialty of Orthopaedics to good effect.  My treatments are not limited to people and I love treating animals in my clinic with Microcurrent as well.

I returned from America to Australia with my new microcurrent device and managed to achieve great results for my clients with only the online education available.   The following year I went to Canada to do the training with the Hache’s and the following two years John came to our clinic in Toowong to provide advanced training for us here in Australia.

Training Professionals currently provide the Microcurrent Beginners course with me and Roger Harcourt and the Advanced Microcurrent Course with Dr John Hache yearly.   We also regularly run the Microcurrent Cellular Makeover course for Health practitioners and Beauty therapists interested in providing face and body rejuvenation non- invasively.  We are currently developing a course for Animal Healing with microcurrent.

My partner Steve Harding and I formed Microcurrent Industries in 2016 to become the distributors and trainers for Avazzia in Australia and we love sharing our knowledge and experience of these devices to help support each individual’s healing journey.