Wellness, Education and Healing Centre


My partner Steve and I have a plan to open a Wellness, Education and Healing Centre in Queensland. This centre has been prophesied to me three times over the last ten years so obviously it is time to take action. Sharing this information will have a few benefits. We will be able to share our journey and help others. It will help us to craft our path to opening the centre and it will also get the attention of the people currently owning the land where we will go when we leave Brisbane in 2025.
So, let’s journey back to 2011 when the first of these prophecies was given to me. I was working in a Healing Centre in Ipswich part time doing Bioresonance and became friends with a Maori Mirimiri Massage therapist who was also psychic. We were having lunch one day and out of the blue she told me that I would be running a healing centre with many skilled women practitioners. She went on to say that I would be a well known speaker and healer. I asked her what the centre would look like and she replied that it would be a beautiful building in nature and that there would be a diamond in the ceiling.
I laughed in disbelief as I was a single parent of two small children working part time in two healing clinics and barely making ends meet. I had been through an horrific divorce from my narcissistic ex husband which nearly annihilated me the year before and I was enmeshed in a relationship with another narcissist.
My friend insisted that her prediction was accurate, despite my disbelief, and went on to say that she could see a day where I would come home and excitedly announce that I had sold over a hundred machines. The backstory here is that I was offered the job selling Bioresonance machines for commission at that time. Each of these machines was worth nearly forty thousand dollars so the prospect of me being able to achieve this seemed doubtful.
The next prophecy came in 2017. By then I was working solely from home doing Bioresonance. My daughters and I had a two bedroom, two bathroom unit and we used our living and dining room as a clinic space. Our living space was the balcony and we had all our meals out there regardless of what the weather was like. There was no separation of work life and home life and my children coped quite well with the situation, often coming in to speak with my clients who became like our family.
In July of that year a psychic woman came to see me for treatments and we became friends. Pretty soon it became obvious that my dad Peter, who had died in 2004, was speaking with my friend. My dad dictated a letter through her to my partner Steve, who I was by then in a stable relationship with, and I felt a bit annoyed that he had not written it directly to me.
Dad warned Steve to correct his health issues and let him know that in life he would have thought Steve was “pretty OK”. He also told Steve he had the “soul of a flamin hippie” and that he could see him being the business brains behind my Healing, Wellness and Education Centre! Which would also allow Steve to walk around barefoot on the earth. Currently we have a beautiful healing clinic and Steve and I live in a house nearby with our kids. Anyone who has visited our Clinic in Toowong knows that Steve never wears shoes at work. Dad said that I was a terrible business person but very good at what I did and people would be drawn to our centre for healing. Once again, I believed that this goal was out of my reach and only occasionally thought about it.
Going back to the original prophecy for a moment, I was made to revisit my Maori friend’s prediction that I would sell more than a hundred machines because in the following year I was offered the role of selling and training a Microcurrent device manufactured in America. These devices were a fraction of the cost of Bioresonance machines and very efficient, user friendly and portable. More pieces of the puzzle seemed to be falling into place.
The third prophecy came from Isabelle, our Psychic Medium. She let me know that there was a place where we would create our Healing, Wellness and Education centre. She could see land, a long driveway and a house onsite that needed some renovation. She said the basics were all there and we would be able to put in some hard work to make it perfect.
On asking how I would go about finding this place, she said that the land had already chosen us. My job was to voice my intentions and start to write and speak about our plans. The place will be an off grid centre with plenty of produce growing, secure water supply and lots of accommodation for staff, our family and clients.
Throughout all of the years since the first prophecy of our Healing Space I have noticed that the more I worked on my deservedness and believed in myself regardless of the circumstances, the more quickly life responded with situations to move me ever closer to this goal.