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My hospitalbased work focused on treating symptoms of disease processes in specific areasof the body. I realised the value of complimenting this with energy medicine which seeks tounderstand people and animals as unified energy fields.These energy fields organise ourphysical body, emotions and thought processes.In his book The Biology of Belief, DrBruce Lipton said: “If we can use electronic machines to strengthen the healthy energies andat the same time eliminate the unhealthy ones, whole new therapeutic possibilities open up,such as therapy with the patient’s own oscillations after being modified in a prohealth way”.


Here is a little history for you.The machines that Dr Bruce Lipton alluded too had theirinception inthe 1970’s when frequencies were first stored electronically.In the 1970’s, Dr FMorrell, a German doctor who practiced homeopathy, developed a form of electrichomeopathy, using electromagnetic signals of disharmonious oscillations from the patient’sbody transmitted via electrodes.He believed this information was stored in the water in ourbodies, much like homeopathic remedies being diluted and stored in water.Along with anengineer, E Rasche and a biophysicist, Dr L Mersmann, they built a machine to pick upinformation from the body, alter it and relay it back to the body to boost up signals of abeneficial nature to strengthen the body and cancel the disharmonious or unhealthyenergy.Around this time, a colleague of Morrell, H Brugemann furthered the idea and built acomputer to automate operation for ease of use.In the 1990’s, Paediatrician Dr PSchumacher used this machine to assist clients with allergies.

In 2013, I added Subconscious Mind Healing to my offerings.This came from myrecognition that many of the physical conditions affecting people had their origins in traumaor selflimiting beliefs and patterns acquired long ago.These conditions were runningpeople’s lives, unbeknown to them.I realised it was not enough to focus on the physical andto do so would be to risk very slow results for my clients at best or at worst, no results at al.Ihad been studying kinesiology to assist with my current work, which uses muscle monitoringto access information from the mind and body.For two years I travelled to America to learnfrom experts in Subconscious Mind Healing.Today I use a fusion of these modalities, anenergy psychology technique which makes full use of the benefits of the latest mindbodyresearch to quickly access and reprogram unavoidably acquired selflimiting beliefs.

Microcurrent Therapy came into my awareness shortly after this time and I was immediatelydrawn to it due to my early career as a nurse specialising in Orthopaedics.I had spent manyyears observing patients suffering with Rheumatoid and OsteoArthritis and providing postoperative care for those having back surgery and total joint replacements.I travelled toCanada to learn advanced techniques in Microcurrent Therapy with Dr John Hasche.In myclinicI provide resolution for chronic and acute pain.Microcurrent works well because theelectrical current in the machines matches the microcurrent that the body naturallygenerates.It is body friendly and helps you resolve your pain by controlling inflammation.Itdoes this by sending the body electrons to neutralise the free radicals causing theproblem.Rather than treating symptoms, it is allowing your body to heal for real.Anotherbenefit is thatmicrocurrentis able to address inflamaging.That‘s right, ageing is a result ofinflammation.In my clinic I provide Microcurrent Makeovers for face and body and theresults are cumulative.Not only do people see increased positive results on the outside withsuccessive treatments, we are helping theenergy systems in the body become healthier byaccessing the meridians and their associated internal organs.A true Cellular Makeover.

Divi Therapy

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